Southern California native Taylor Reeve has been drawing and painting since she can remember.  Painting on anything and everything in her path, Reeve found herself suddenly emerged in the fabulous world of high heel shoes.  Using her artist name 'TaylorSays', Reeve founded TaylorSays high heel footwear in 2009.  Her wild, bright, funky high heel designs were an international hit,  giving ladies all over the world her coined phrase "Legs For Days!"  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Taylor is no longer affiliated with TaylorSays high heels.  

Fast forward to the present day, Reeve hasn't slowed down one bit.  She is bringing it back to her roots and adding her signature hand painted flair to handbags, shoes, canvas and more under her given name Taylor Reeve.  Taylor Reeve pulls inspiration from her love of life, traveling, music, and living in the now.  She designs for the individual who isn't afraid to stand out in the crowd and has a free spirit.  Reeve states, "I want people to feel confident and unique while rocking something that I've designed.  I want them to have fun with fashion, make it their own, and not care what anyone else thinks!  It's your life, live it the way YOU want to!  If I can help someone achieve this, then my mission has been accomplished."

Reeve currently resides in Los Angeles. To see what she has been up to on the regular, click on the social icons below to take you there!